Friday, November 23, 2012

Denim Washing | Types of Denim Washing | Process of Denim Washing

Denim Washing:

Denim washing is the aesthetic finish given to the denim fabric to enhance the appeal and to provide strength.

Dry denim, as opposed to washed denim, is a denim fabric that is not washed after being dyed during its production.

Process Flow Chart of Denim Manufacturing | Manufacturing Process ofDenim Garments

Flow Chart of Denim Production:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are You Nervous For Interview Preparation, Here is Question with Answers-5

Format 2
Its very true,really no one would like to work at night& weekends.If suppose we are worknig means definitely we cant give our best on next day.It will create a mental
torture to us
Format 3
Sir, when I hear the words. Working late nights and weekends, I have the same reaction as that of a common man. But instead of that, if you have hired me it should be my duty to do all those things that you want. Either its on weekend or other days. And second thing, if you are letting me to work late night than, it would be beneficial for me too as it will lead you increase my salary and my knowledge. The two main parameters to live life strongly.
Q: Can you work under pressure?
Format 1
Sir, whenever I am in situation like under pressure then that time I stop working for a minute, take a deep breath and try to find out the best possible solution. So I feel I can work under pressure.
Format 2
I am not fully agree with many of my friend's point of view, because pressure only increases nervousness and nothing else, many of the batsman may perform well under pressure but many of them not, as the blood pressure increases the person feels laziness, weakness and faint sometimes and similar when it is low. So one should maintain a balance between their work so that they do not have to work under pressure under any circumstances.
Format 3
A little bit of pressure is always good to keep us going and working hard. Besides, time management is required to handle pressure successfully. So work pressure on me today will help me perform better tomorrow.....